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Mississippi River at West Pointe a la Hache (01400)
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Stream Name: Mississippi River
Gage Zero: 0 Ft. GAGE
Record High Stage:15.25 Ft.
Longitude: -89.79694440
Latitude: 29.57111110
River Mile: 48.7
Record High Stage Date: 09/09/1965
Location of Gage :

Located on right descending bank at the ferry landing, river mile 48.7. 

Gage zero reset to NAVD88 (2004.65) on 29Nov2005. All prior historic stage data is relative to NGVD29.  To adjust prior historic data (from 24Oct1984 to 29Nov2005 only), to NAVD88 (2004.65), subtract 0.84 ft.
Gage zero reset again to NAVD88 (2009.55) on 01Jul2015. To adjust prior NAVD88 (2004.65) data to NAVD88 (2009.55), subtract 0.21 feet.
To adjust NAVD88 (2009.55) values to 2007 Low Water Reference Plane (LWRP) datum relative to NAVD88, subtract 0.3 ft.

   ** Raw data, subject to change **

Latest Data
10/17/2021 05:00 Central
Latest Stage2.22 Ft.
24 Hr. Change+0.33 Ft.
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