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MVS District Specific Water Control Web Information

Water Management information available on this server includes:

River and Reservoir Reports - Corps of Engineers 6:00 A.M. Daily Readings, National Weather Service 3-Day River Forecasts

Lock & Dam Gate Report - Table of L&D Gate Settings, Pool, and Tailwater Levels

Historic Records - Period of Record Levels and Discharges of the Mississippi River and Tributaries in the St. Louis District

Weather Information - Various Weather Web Sites

Environmental Pool Management

Fish Spawn Information

Water Control Management District Boundaries - District Map With Detailed Gage Locations

Navigation Notices:


Navigation Notices - Notices Regarding Lock Closure and Dredging/Channel Maintenance

Other St. Louis District links of interest include:

Applied River Engineering Center

Technical Center of Expertise - Photogrammetric Mapping

Thompson Bend Riparian Corrider Project

Other links of interest include:

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Geological Survey

Missouri Department of Conservation

National Oceanic Atmospheric Adminisration (NOAA)

If you have any questions about this homepage please contact Joel.P.Asunskis@mvs02.usace.army.mil

NOTICE: All data contained herein is preliminary in nature and therefore subject to change. The data is for general information purposes ONLY and SHALL NOT be used in technical applications such as, but not limited to, studies or designs. All critical data should be obtained from and verified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, Engineering Division, Hydrological and Hydraulics Branch, 1222 Spruce Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63103-2833. The United States of America assumes no liability for the completeness or accuracy of the data contained herein and any use of such data inconsistent with this disclaimer shall be solely at the risk of the user.